VIVA – Pramudia Clinic held a virtual media briefing with the topic "Peel Completely Genital Warts on Women" on Wednesday, June 15, 2022. Genital Warts is a disease that usually occurs in the female area, this disease also can transform into cervical cancer. It’s not good for health later. 

Genital warts is a disease that can be transformed into a dangerous disease such as cervical cancer. Not only that, the shape and location of warts often causes a mental burden. Therefore, it is important for early detection and treatment to a dermatologist and gynecologist. In Indonesia, cases of Sexually Transmitted Infections (IMS) reported by 12 Teaching Hospitals from 2007-2011 showed that the incidence of Genital Warts was ranked 3rd largest, most commonly found in women (62.5%) aged 25 to 45 years.
According to dr. Anthony Handoko, SpKK, FINSDV as a CEO of Pramudia Clinic, this high number of genital warts in Indonesia shows the importance of education for the people, especially for Indonesian women. So, they will be more aware of genital conditions. "This shows that it is very necessary to educate the public, especially Indonesian women, to be more aware of their genital condition." said dr. Anthony.
According to dr. Amelia Setiawati Soebyanto, Sp.DV as a dermatologist and gynecologist, there are several groups that can be affected by Genital Warts such as adolescence, women who are sexually active, someone who has a low immune status, someone who consumes alcohol and smokes.
“There are several groups that can get genital warts, such as teenage girls. Adolescent girls are at higher risk because at this age they are already active in sexual activity. A person who is sexually active without using protection or condoms.” said dr. Amelia.
“Not only that, someone who has previously been exposed to an infectious disease, those who have a weak immune status, those who consume alcohol and smoke. Also, those who had organ transplants.” added dr. Amelia.
Symptoms caused by the presence of genital warts in the female genitalia are itching in the female area, the whiteness for a long time. Usually, if it has checked and found genital warts, it turns out that this disease is quite a lot in the female genitalia.
The way to do early detection of genital warts is to go to a dermatologist and gynecologist, do an acetic acid test or acetowhite test, and also a Pap Smear test.
The Pap Smear test cannot be done on women who are still virgins, because the tool to check it will be inserted into the female area. For women over the age of 30 years, an additional test, namely HPV DNA, will be carried out. The impact of the presence of genital warts on women is that women usually feel ashamed to seek treatment, and are ashamed of their partner. Not only that, genital warts can have a financial impact, because there is no cure for this disease yet.
So far, there has been no research that describes natural treatments for genital warts, genital warts can only be cured by the application of chemicals, it can also still recur. To overcome the recurrence of genital warts, women can get the HPV vaccine to reduce the risk of recurrence.
The number of cervical cancers in Indonesia is increasing and resulting in the death rate of women due to cervical cancer.
It makes the government try to increase cervical cancer by giving immunization to girls in elementary school in grades 5-6. Usually at this age, they have not menstruation, so, it will give hope that when they have a sexual activity on adolescence later, they are protected from cervical cancer and genital warts.

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